Why Do Business with
Wacky Riggers?

  • Best Deal Guarantee!

    We LOVE giving you a great deal! Our #1 job is to get you the best product for the best price!  Due to manufacturer's policies, we don't advertise our prices...but we promise it is worth your time to check us out!

  • Personal Expert Service

    We don't just sell you stuff...we make sure it is the right stuff for you.  We spend time with our customers to put together just the right solution and we are here AFTER the sale to keep you rolling!.

  • Just Ask Around

    Anyone can make just about any claim but all you have to do is ask around.  Chances are we helped your buddy out with his boat.  Our best advertising comes from our customers!

  • We Fish Too!

    We are out there in the trenches with you...every single week!  We understand you passion and drive to keep improving.  We can help!.

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