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Wacky Riggers SONAR Training Center

  • SONAR Boot Camp
  • One on One
  • Private Groups
  • Search/Recovery

Coming back in July 2023...

The SONAR BOOT CAMP (SBC) will be available ONLINE. The Boot Camp is presented in 4 sessions (2 evenings per week for 2 weeks) and provides the in-depth electronics training that you need to put more fish in the boat.

If you are tired of beating the same bank that the 10 guys in front of you just hit or want to find the stuff that 90% of your fellow competitors don't even know exists then you have come to the right place. It doesn't matter what brand of equipment you own or your current level of experience. We promise you will pick up more stuff at the SBC, than a year of trial and error on the water.

Session #1 - SONAR Concepts - covers in-depth looks at 2D, Sidescan, downscan, and forward scan

Session #2 - Equipment Installation and Setup - covers transducers, networking, and unit setup for best performance

Session #3 - Waypoints & Scanning - covers techniques for various conditions/situations

Session #4 - Mapping and Data Management - comparisons between Navionics and various C-Map products, protecting your waypoints and unit settings

We do use Lowrance and Garmin equipment for demonstration but material applies to all brands of marine electronics.  SONAR is SONAR....there may be a few differences in the buttons but the concepts are exactly the same!

Class sizes are limited (15 students max) to make sure you get the personal instruction you need.

We have had many requests for one on one SONAR sessions. One-on-One's can focus on anything or everything...it's up to you.  These sessions are available online as well as on-the-water.  

  • Need help with equipment setup?...no problem.  You can even bring your boat to the shop and we will go through it and help you fine tune your entire set up.
  • Need help with managing your waypoints or image interpretation?...no problem.  We will focus on your exact questions and work you through whatever you need to cover.

If you are interested in scheduling some One-On-One time just let us know and we will work out a time for you.  We offer various packages both on and off the water.  Current shop rate applies for off water and on-the-water quoted based on lake and travel (call for details).

Wacky Riggers offers private group sessions as well! If you have a club or group of 6 or more just let us know!

You pick the date and we will make the time! College teams, fishing clubs, or just a group of your buddies...we will make it work for you.

We also offer onsite lecture-only sessions for larger groups. Just let us know what you need!


Wacky Riggers offers a SONAR Search/Recovery Lab available to law enforcement and other community search/rescue organizations. We can assist your SAR team in developing the skills they need to quickly and proficently cover a search area.

Each SAR SONAR course is customized to focus on YOUR team and their requirements. Our particular focus for SAR groups is on the use of sidescan SONAR and highly accurate suspected target marking.

Give us a call today to discuss your team's particular needs and how we can help!

Personal Expert Service

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  • Power Poles
  • Lowrance Electronics
  • Custom Accessories

Power Poles

  • Best Deals Anywhere - We guarantee it!
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  • Authorized Warranty Service Center
  • Complete Installation Services

All Power Poles, brackets and accessories available!

Series Length Colors Warranty
Sportsman II 8' Black 3 yr
Pro II 8' Black/White 5 yr
Blades 8' or 10' Black/White/Blue/Red 5 yr

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Lowrance Electronics

  • Expert System Design Assistance - FREE
  • Quick Delivery
  • Multiple unit/Networking Specialists
  • Complete Installation Services

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  • ABS Point 1 Antenna Mount - NO HOLES!
  • ABS Ranger Seat Hole Caps
  • Bassboat Technology Custom mounts
  • RAM Products

We offer a range of unique products for your install. Additionally we can custom design a solution as needed. We have the latest technology including CNC routing, 3D printers, as well as full laser cutting/engraving services onsite.

Contact us to talk about your job!

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Professional Installation Options

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We cut no corners in getting your systems installed, updated, and set-up. You are ready to hit the water when your boat leaves knowing everything has been checked and tested.

We also understand that money doesn't grow on trees. Our experience allows us to quickly and professionally get your boat ready to roll at minimum cost. Our shop time is flexible and all work by appointment only.

Our factory Certified techs have the knowledge and skills that far exceed most general service marine shops. We don't do motors. We don't do fiberglass. We don't try to sell you high priced add-ons. If it runs on 12 volts, we are the place.

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